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RussGPS specializes in vehicle monitoring systems, Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology utilizing the long-standing experience of leading experts in the field.


RussGPS objective is to increase profitability of the transportation companies by increasing effectiveness in solving control and management tasks as well as ensuring transportation safety by using GPS/GLONASS, GSM/GPRS and RFID technologies, INMARSAT satellite network and computer systems.

The effectiveness of the RussGPS Navigation System is based on the following features:

  • Vehicle movement control
  • Optimal planning due to precise fleet tracking
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs not less that 10-20%
  • Improved transportation safety including control of the driver's work
  • Decrease in insurance premiums by 15-50% depending on the type of insurance and insurance company
  • Saving on the mobile conversations regarding the location of a vehicle, that account for up to 50% of the telephone traffic.

The RussGPS Navigation System's potential application

The RussGPS Navigation System can provide the customers with:

  • real-time vehicle location information
  • monitoring when vehicles arrive and leave sites
  • historical vehicle movement visualisation on a comprehensive city map over any given period of time
  • vehicle maintenance information based on the vehicle sensors' data
  • regular vehicle movement reports
  • storage of the received information in a database.

RussGPS Navigation System's Monitoring features:

  • Automatic object positioning (longitude and latitude, speed, azimuth, altitude)
  • Automatic monitoring the status of any on board sensor (switch starting, doors opening, alarm, cargo body lifting, temperature changes, attachment and auxiliary equipment's performance, speeding, level of liquid in tanks and cisterns etc.)
  • Automatic transmission of the tracking and other information about the units in a given period of time (20 sec. intervals)
  • Automatic transmission to the ground dispatch units messages about changes to the conditions of the vehicle based on the sensors information (alarm button pressed, changes into the supplementary equipment's work, vehicle's idle time, entering or leaving certain areas)
  • Automatic recording in a non-volatile memory navigation and maintenance signals in case of a cut-off with subsequent sending the information over to the dispatcher automatically or on demand
  • Continuous route monitoring with automatic alert in case of variations from a planned route
  • Possibility to choose individual units and receive real-time track and maintenance information about them
  • Cartographic representation of the tracking information and parameters of the vehicles on vector maps
  • Providing vehicle tracking and maintenance information in the chart form
  • Sending emergency signals of alarm windows and tones on the dispatchers' monitors.

RussGPS Navigation System's management features:

  • Creating control zones on the electronic maps for vehicle performance monitoring
  • Control and analysis of mileage reports over given periods of time
  • Possibility to mange the vehicle directly by the dispatcher (engine stop, hazard lights on/off, driver calling, auxiliary equipment management)
  • Possibility to maintain voice communication with the units
  • Text messaging from dispatch points to the units
  • Automatic logging all the actions performed at the dispatch points
  • Data storage and communication with external information systems (IS)
  • Storage of information in an integrated database (MS SQL or Interbase)
  • Information formatting compatible with the users' IS
  • Data exchange with the users' IS
  • Database creating as user archives.

RussGPS Navigation Server

RussGPS Navigation System's hardware and software includes the following elements:

  • The Telematics Server
  • The Telematics Server's software
  • GIS server
  • Dispatch points' software
  • Electronic cards
  • Users' terminals.

The Dispatcher Point RussGPS Navigation System's Software's main features:

  • Vehicle maintenance monitoring based on the information received
  • Vehicles' position mapping on the electronic maps
  • Casual and unscheduled event registration
  • Driver scheduling and rostering and work with human resources information
  • Running schedules and itineraries alteration
  • Continuous automatic and visual route monitoring
  • Voice and text communication with the user terminals
  • Generating casual fleet itineraries and schedules
  • Recording the information received in fleet and human resources databases
  • Aggregation of current and overall flee condition in standard forms
  • Providing dispatchers with changes in itineraries and schedules
  • Work with electronic maps.

The RussGPS RFID Network Management Solution Delivers Customer Value Through:

  • Increased speed of network deployment to support operational deployments
  • Ensures highest level of operational readiness of the network
  • Reduces cost and complexity of sustaining the network

RussGPS RFID Server


Key Solution Features:

  • Converts real-time data collected in the RFID network into validated information
  • Real-time command and control console for monitoring the network
  • Remote management of deployed AIT devices
  • Configuration management of hardware, firmware, and software deployed in the network
  • Real-time alerting of performance problems in the RFID network
  • Interoperability with other allied forces

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